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> >> who are the funders of this project (any non-aligned countries) ?
> The project is conducted mainly with Waag, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Free 
> Press Unlimited, HvA, and us, the Institute of Network Cultures. All the 
> organisations are based in the Netherlands. The publication is printed on 
> demand by Lulu. No other funding or support is involved.
> >> are ukrainian citizens (not 'shocked' but liberated) from the donbas 
> >> region included in this project ?
> Lia Dostlieva is a Luhansk born author, who fled the country after the 
> full-scale invasion in February. Almost all the other authors have been 
> residing in what is now non-occupied parts of Ukraine.
> >> is this publication available to russian speaking ukrainian citizens or is 
> >> the russian language banned in his publication as well as in ukraine ?
> The whole publication is in English with all the authors submitting the 
> essays in this language. Thus, the publication is unfortunately exclusive for 
> those who do not speak English. There is some Russian used in the screenshots 
> explaining Russian state propaganda in the text by Ukrainian researcher 
> Karyna Lazaruk and Marc Tuters.

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