i am finding it very difficult to understand the urgency to counter russian state propaganda

here in the uk, its impossible to show neutrality or any support for operation z - you will be emotionally or violently attacked

this is the result of a NATO mass propaganda campaign targetted at the domestic population

here the news is constantly that putin is insane, likes killing kids and ukraine is winning the war

i am sure the situation is the same in .nl

so why focuss on .ru propaganda ? it is having almost zero effect on the western populations

how does your project differ from western state propaganda units spreading anti-russian dis-information to the general public ?



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>> who are the funders of this project (any non-aligned countries) ?
The project is conducted mainly with Waag, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Free 
Press Unlimited, HvA, and us, the Institute of
Network Cultures. All the organisations are based in the Netherlands. The 
publication is printed on demand by Lulu. No other
funding or support is involved.

>> are ukrainian citizens (not 'shocked' but liberated) from the donbas region 
included in this project ?
Lia Dostlieva is a Luhansk born author, who fled the country after the 
full-scale invasion in February. Almost all the other
authors have been residing in what is now non-occupied parts of Ukraine.

>> is this publication available to russian speaking ukrainian citizens or is 
the russian language banned in his publication as
well as in ukraine ?
The whole publication is in English with all the authors submitting the essays 
in this language. Thus, the publication is
unfortunately exclusive for those who do not speak English. There is some 
Russian used in the screenshots explaining Russian
state propaganda in the text by Ukrainian researcher Karyna Lazaruk and Marc 

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