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**Para-Academia, Post-Disciplinary Communities, and Networked Scholarship**

with Mohammad Salemy (The New Centre for Research and Practice), Abbey Pusz
& Margo Bergamini (Do Not Research)

Thursday August 25, 2PM EST
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Communities of knowledge outside of any pedagogic establishment have
multiplied exponentially since the COVID-19 pandemic, in an explosion of
online courses, collaborative syllabus, and self-directed study groups.
This growth reflects not only an expansion of the possibilities offered by
new communication technologies, but also a deeper crisis in academia.
Universities became largely incapable of absorbing the very scholars and
researchers they produce. All the while, fields like the humanities and
social sciences struggle to stay relevant face increasingly complex
political and cultural scenarios. Could networked scholarship represent a
way to reanimate academia through more accessible, solidary, and,
oftentimes, grounded forms of knowledge exchange? Or does it create
dangerous precedents in times of rampant pseudoscience and fake news?

To mark the transition into the Museums Without Walls online program, we
will be discussing these questions with representatives of two
exceptionally active para-academic platforms: The New Centre for Research &
Practice and Do Not Research (DNR). The New Centre is an international,
non-profit, higher education institute in the Arts, Humanities, and
Sciences, conceived upon the idea that the space of knowledge is a
laboratory for navigating the links between thought and action as well as
critique and construction. Its pedagogical approach bootstraps the
conventional role of the arts, humanities, sciences, and technologies to
construct new forms of research and practice alongside, within, and between
technology. DNR is a collaborative platform for publishing writing, visual
art, and beyond. Launched in 2021, DNR emerged from artist Joshua
Citarella’s online chat community of artists and those otherwise concerned
with contemporary online visual culture. It started as a community-led
reading group centered around Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism, but soon
encompassed a nexus of blog posts, artworks, and community workshops. DNR
is edited, operated, and managed by co-directors Abbey Pusz and Margo

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