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Research in Art, Science and Humanities

With Margherita Pevere and Dolores Steinman
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Tue, 20 September 2022, 8 pm CET

This time only online, Registration required for access! No fee.

Art Laboratory Berlin is delighted to invite you to take part in our discursive 
format – a colloquium on research in art, science and humanities, curated by 
Regine Rapp (next to our Reading Club, curated by Tuçe Erel).

The Colloquium (on 20 September it will be entirely online) addresses an 
international interdisciplinary research audience to present and discuss past, 
present or future projects by artists and scholars, curators or editors from 
the fields of art, science and the humanities. The topics could refer to an art 
project, a book, text or chapter, a research or exhibition project, a lab 
experiment, a lecture series, a conference concept or other.

The presentations and exchange will focus on the work-in-progress. 
Methodological approaches – theoretical or practical – are also of great 
interest here. While researching, we often tend to shift between practical 
inquiry and theoretical research, browsing various disciplines. Following the 
original meaning of colloquium as “speaking together”, we want to provide a 
platform for exchange and embrace various kinds of work processes which are 
often not seen or talked about.

Structure of the sessions: Each session will include two presentations followed 
by discussions, altogether 90 min. The colloquium welcomes informal 
conversations amongst the participants.

Speakers on 20 September Session

Margherita Pevere | Vulnerable Materials across Environment and Embodiment

Margherita Pevere is an internationally acknowledged artist and researcher 
working across biological arts and performance with a distinctive visceral 
signature. Her practice hybridizes biotechnology, ecology, queer and death 
studies to create arresting installations and performances that trail today’s 
ecological complexity. Her body of work is a blooming garden crawling with 
genetically edited bacteria, cells, sex hormones, microbial biofilm, blood, 
slugs, growing plants and decomposing remains. With Marco Donnarumma and Andrea 
Familari, she co-founded the artists’ group Fronte Vacuo. She is member of the 
Finnish Bioart Society, of The Queer Death Studies Network and of The 
Posthumanities Hub. Margherita has been part of various series, conferences and 
exhibition at Art Laboratory Berlin, such as the Nonhuman Agents 
 (2017) or the The Camille Diaries. New Artistic Positions on M/Otherhood, Life 
and Care

In the Colloquium Margherita will talk about her work with vulnerable materials 
across environment and embodiment.

Dolores Steinman | Altered Emotive Memory through Interactions and 
Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Dr. Dolores Steinman was trained as a Pediatrician and, upon relocating to 
Canada, obtained her PhD in Cell Biology. Currently she is a retired Senior 
Research Associate in the Biomedical Simulation Laboratory, University of 
Toronto (UofT), and was part of an interdisciplinary team, also affiliated with 
the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU). Following her 
training in the Visual Arts Department at Western University (London, ON), she 
also volunteered Docent at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). In her new 
research, as part of the A.R.E. artist collective, Dolores is searching new 
ways of communicating to and with the patient through introspection, subjective 
examination of the post-pandemic state-of-mind and the role played by art in 
the ever-evolving circumstances in which we find ourselves.

In the Colloquium Dolores will talk about a project in progress connected to 
A.R.E., relating to the many intricate ways in which emotive memory can alter 
and be altered through interactions and interdisciplinary collaboration 
(another project deals with death from the most mundane to the scientific, 
through myth, tradition and connection with the ancestral past).

The colloquium takes place every 6 weeks.

The colloquium meetings in 2022: 1 March, 12 April, 7 June, 12 July, 20 
September, 8 November, 6 December (the last is an event of colloquium and 
reading club together)
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Workshop & Lecture | Ariel Orah and Michelle Lai (Soydivision)
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Date: 23.09.2022,
Workshop: 15:00 - 18:30
Lecture Performance: 19:00

8 / 5 (reduced) Euro.

Kentang / Tanggung:

In the Bahasa language kentang means potatoes, while tanggung can define a 
plethora of words: to hold responsibility, to bear, to assure, to be 
half-hearted, to be awkward and to guarantee. Tracing the historical, migratory 
pathways undertaken by the spud, we propose an ode to the potato, this 
participatory research workshop explores the spectre of histories and 
imaginations that the potato, as a seed of desire and delight contains.

In the first part of the workshop (“Planting”) we will gather to plant potatoes 
and reflect about the myths of potatoes, its stories, folklores and rhymes, as 
well as share anecdotes about the potato. In the second part (“Observing”) we 
will explore the potato from a microscopic point of view and also discuss 
toxicities and neutralising potatoes. And in the third part (“Showing”) the 
workshop invites the participants to enjoy a potato cooking session, which 
continues with a performance lecture and eating session later on.

Soydivision Berlin is a performing arts collective made up of Indonesians 
living in Berlin and positions itself at the intersection of art and activism. 
and activism. Soydivision has curated performances, organised workshops 
workshops, culinary art activities, film screenings and discussions. Their 
diasporic perspective offers an alternative approach to contemporary issues 
through art and invites issues through art and invites a new kind of dialogue 
and engagement.

Ariel William Orah is a sound artist, performer and curator. As part of his 
artistic practice, Orah works with various sound media, techniques and formats 
such as sound art, sound installation, sound performance, sound workshop, sound 
setting and sound composition for film and theater. . He is co-founder of the 
empathy-driven sound artist collective L-KW, the Berlin-based Indonesian 
contemporary art collective SOYDIVISION.BERLIN, and the non-profit arts and 
culture organization Diantara e.V.

Michelle Lai is an urban agricultural practitioner and forager from Singapore. 
She is a part of collective TANAH, which stands for soil, earth or land in 
Bahasa. It is an interdisciplinary collective engaged in the spaces around us. 
Through nature and food related interventions, research and dialogue, TANAH 
explores symbiotic relationships and forms of everyday participation.

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** HACK THE PANKE Festival

** Mycelium Radio

** Workshop and Performance | Martin Howse
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Date: 24-25 September 2022
Time: 11 am - 6:00 pm
Meeting point: Art Laboratory Berlin

Radio Mycelium proposes the construction of a series of experimental situations 
examining a new networked imaginary, the single organism of the fungal 
mycelium, in relation to local, global and universal electromagnetic signals. 
Within this two-day workshop, we will build DIY radio receivers and sculptural 
antennae, testing the reception of signals and interfacing with open examples 
of the various growing mycelium and mushrooms. We will learn and share 
knowledge and techniques concerning inter-species communication between humans, 
mycelium and their environments - through sound, radio, touch, smell and 

A closing collective performance will manipulate live signals captured from 
intact mushroom bodies, with deep earth recordings from Tegel forest harvested 
during the workshop.

The workshop will take place outdoors, therefore please wear comfortable shoes 
and suitable layers according to the weather.

Materials to bring: If possible, please bring recording devices, headphones and 
small FM radio receivers.

Martin Howse is occupied with an artistic investigation of the links between 
the earth (geophysical phenomena), software and the human psyche 
(psychogeophysics), proposing a return to animism within a critical misuse of 
scientific technology. Through the construction of experimental situations 
(within process-driven performance, laboratories, walks, and workshops), 
material art works and texts, he explores the rich links between substance or
materials and execution or protocol, excavating issues of visibility and of 
hiding within the World.

>From 1998 to 2005 he was director of ap, a software performance group working 
>with electronic waste, and pioneering an early approach to digital glitch. In 
>2005 his environmental computational work, entitled ap0201 installed within 
>the Mojave desert received first prize within the Art & Artificial Life 
>competition VIDA 8.0. From 2007 to 2009 he hosted a regular workshop, 
>micro-residency and salon series in Berlin. Recently he has worked and 
>collaborated on acclaimed projects and practices such as The Crystal World, 
>Psychogeophysics, Earthboot, Sketches towards an Earth Computer and 
>Dissolutions. Forthe last ten years he has initiated numerous open-laboratory 
>style projects and performed, published, lectured and exhibited diversely. He 
>is equally the creator of the skin-driven audio divination noise module, aka. 
>The Dark Interpreter, and the ERD modular synthesizer series.
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** HACK THE PANKE Festival
through 3 October

Art Laboratory Berlin welcomes you to the HACK THE PANKE Festival on art, 
science and sound in Berlin Wedding during summer 2022. The HACK THE PANKE 
Festival takes place as a part of Draussenstadt Call for Action program. All 
the events are free.
Overview of the festival 
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HACK THE PANKE Festival is supported by Draussenstadt - Call for Action.

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