For: Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Firas Safiddiene, Max Haarich
As part of the NeuroTechX Global Hackathon this year, we are hosting an in-person event at the ÖBB Open Innovation Factory in Vienna on the 2nd and 3rd of December facilitated by Firas Safiddiene, Max Haarich & Eveline Wandl-Vogt. An event where everybody will be given the resources to build a team, ideate, interact with the technology, and create a quick project! 
It is an open and free event for everyone, from beginners to experts, enthusiasts & hackers. 
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🐥No previous knowledge is needed, this is for enthusiasts and experts alike
🦄4 tracks to fit everyone's ideas ( Hardware, Software, Design, Ethics )
📍10 in-person chapters all around the world connected to the global remote community
🎁Awesome prizes ( Hardware, cash prizes, and services )
🚀Industry partners and local chapter sponsors
🧠Hardware demos and other valuable resources
🧑🏼‍🔧Special in Vienna: The NeuroEthics Collaboratory and an AI-Creative Production and NeuroArts Hacklab within the Neurotech context
📢Diverse lineup of speakers 
Local Sponsors
🦾 g.tec medical engineering GmbH, ÖBB, IDUN Technologies, Enophone, and Austrian Science Fund FWF via ProvideDH Project.
⌛December 2nd at 10 AM CET - 3nd 5pm CET
🤘🏼See you there 🧠
Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Firas Safiddiene, Max Haarich

Full Agenda:
As we immerse ourselves in the cutting-edge intersection of neurotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI), ethical considerations become paramount. Our workshop, integrated into the Neurotech Hackathon, is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of digital humanism, AI ethics, and the ethical and communicative dimensions of neurotechnology.
The workshop will cover two major study areas:
  1. Ethics and Neurotechnology
  • Introduction to Neuroethics
Set the stage with an overview of the ethical landscape in neurotechnology, emphasizing the importance of responsible innovation, knowledge sharing and community.
  • Privacy and Consent in Neurotech
Delve into the ethical implications surrounding privacy concerns and the necessity of obtaining informed consent in the collection and utilization of brain data.
  • Societal Impact Analysis
Explore the potential societal impacts of neurotechnology, addressing issues such as accessibility, inclusivity, and potential biases.
  • Case Studies and Group Discussions
Engage in interactive case studies and group discussions. Analyze real-world scenarios to deepen understanding and encourage critical thinking.
  • Ethical Frameworks for Neurotech Projects 
Provide participants with practical tools and ethical frameworks to guide their neurotechnology projects towards responsible and ethical outcomes.
  • Q&A and Networking
Wrap up the workshop with an open floor for questions and networking opportunities. Connect with fellow neurotech enthusiasts and experts to exchange ideas and insights.
  1. Ai and Creative Production
  • Introduction
Kickstart the workshop with an overview of the symbiotic relationship between AI and creative production, highlighting the transformative possibilities and potential challenges.
  • AI in Creative Processes
Explore how AI is reshaping creative workflows, from ideation to execution. Examine case studies illustrating successful integration and discuss the implications for the future of creative industries.
  • Ethics in AI-Enhanced Creativity
Delve into the ethical considerations surrounding the use of AI in creative production. Discuss issues such as bias in algorithms, intellectual property concerns, and the responsibility of creators in guiding AI-generated content.
  • Hands-on AI Tools for Creatives
Engage in practical demonstrations and hands-on activities, showcasing AI tools that enhance the creative process. Learn how to leverage these tools responsibly to augment your creative endeavors.
  • Collaborative AI-Creative Projects
Explore the potential for collaboration between AI systems and human creatives. Discuss specific art examples ( Territorial Flows and Neural Nexus )
  • Ethical Guidelines for AI-Creative Projects
Discuss the ethical frameworks specifically tailored for AI-enhanced creative projects. Understand how to balance innovation with responsibility and integrity in your creative production endeavors.
  • Q&A and Networking
Conclude the workshop with an open forum for questions and networking opportunities. Connect with fellow participants and industry experts to exchange ideas and insights.
  • Introduction
Delve into the creative potential of AI art for speculative futures. Explore the  blackboxishness and randomness of AI as a creative potential for art. Discuss with us how speculative art can serve as a catalyst of social transformation. 
  • NeuroEthics x Speculative Futures
Dream with us about desired future scenarios of dealing with Neurotech based on the results of day 1. What should we hope and wish for when dealing with Neurotech and ethics? How could we communicate this to a broader public?
  • Hands-on Speculative Art-Creation
Bring your speculative futures to live with the help of AI. Explore with us powerful AI tools to generate a variety of media, whether this might be a poster, a commercial video, or a country song about NeuroEthics.
  • Q&A and Networking
Wrap up the workshop with an open floor for questions and networking opportunities. Connect with fellow neurotech enthusiasts and experts to exchange ideas and insights.
Join us in this unique opportunity to delve into the ethical dimensions of innovation, fostering a community committed to responsible and transformative technology! #NeurotechEthics #KIEthics #AICreativeWorkshop #DigitalHumanities #DigitalHumanism
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