> Should quotation marks, double and single, be omitted from script 
> entered  in text editor?
> In the section Make a Bootscript, should the letters "fi" actually be "if"?
> Any assistance would be appreciated as this is my first attempt @ Linux 
> and I have been trying to get online for 5 days.

Normally everything should be entered exactly as on the webpage (except
that bold entries indicate something which you need to replace with your
own info, for example username needs to be replaced with your username, etc).
The simplest way to do this is using cut and paste.  If you only have an
internet connection under windows, trying saving the web-page to disk.  If
you can access the windows disk from linux then you should be able to display
the web-page under linux by specifying it in a web-browser.  Otherwise try
copying it to a USB key then opening it in a web-browser from the USB key.
Once you have the web-page shown in a web-browser under linux, then you can
select text in it using the left mouse button, and paste into a console
by clicking the middle mouse button.

I hope this helps,


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