> I have been using speedtouch-330's for a few years now with LFS-based 
> machines.  I recently  upgraded to kernel and  Linux-atm-2.5.1) and 
> all works fine  with a system with a hard-disk.  When I switch to a mirror 
> system running from a CDROM,  the modem is recognised but the firmware fails 
> to load.  (It fact  it loads but only after the machine is booted and the 
> object of the exercise is to have  dialup on booting). 


> In desperation,  I tried running  ,/lib/udev/firmware.sh but I get the 
> response "udev firmware loader misses sysfs directory"   I would be grateful 
> is someone could explain what this means.

Most likely it means sysfs is not mounted.  Try mounting it like this:

  mount sysfs -t sysfs /sys

> More importantly I am wondering is there a way to force firmware loading?

If you unload the module (rmmod) and reinsert it (modprobe) then it will
re-initialize the modem and reload the firmware.

I hope this helps,


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