Hi list,

I've one of those damned SpeedTouch 330 modems (firmware 2.00) and I
already got it up running perfectly fine in my desktop which runs
Ubuntu.  But sometimes I need Internet access in my laptop, so I
decided to try to install the modem there.  It's a Fedora-based system
which does not run on a x86 architecture (it's an AMD Geode).

I have followed all the instructions back in
http://www.linux-usb.org/SpeedTouch/fedora/index.html but as far as I
can see the firmware isn't loading.  The red light starts on boot,
then both green lights turn on and stay like that, but the right one
never flickers.

"dmesg | less" doesn't reveal anything out of ordinary and, since the
Fedora tutorial does not use a script like the "dial" one back in
Ubuntu, I don't even know how to manually start the connection and
look for error messages.

Should I just give up?

Also of note is that this bare-bones Fedora distro is missing some
stuff; for instance, I had to install pppd through a RPM.  Maybe it's
also possible I'm missing something that would load the firmware, but
if yes I have no idea what.


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