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Subject: [speedtouch] How to make two adsl connnections with two speedtouch
330 modems?

> I has two usb speedtouch 330 modems and two adsl accounts.
> I tried to use br2684ctl to bridge two nas interface(nas0, nas1) with two
> modems, but not sucessfully, only nas0 can be used to dail up one adsl.
> gateway:~# br2684ctl -b -c 0 -a 0.35
> br2684ctl[2354]: Interface "nas0" created sucessfully
> br2684ctl[2354]: Communicating over ATM 0.0.35, encapsulation: LLC
> br2684ctl[2354]: Interface configured
> gateway:~# br2684ctl -b -c 1 -a 0.35
> br2684ctl[2373]: Interface "nas1" created sucessfully
> br2684ctl[2373]: Communicating over ATM 0.0.35, encapsulation: LLC
> br2684ctl[2373]: Fatal: failed to connect on socket
> Is there a way to make several nas bridges or to dial up several adsl with
> several modems?
> Thanks ahead.
As you see in  ATM 0.0.35, there is 3 parameters, the first being the atm
interface number, that by default has atm0 value.
You should try with each modem a different atm interface, so
br2684ctl -b -c 0 -a 0.0.35
br2684ctl -b -c 1 -a 1.0.35


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