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> It doesn't work this way, especially if you are trying to double your
> download speed: your ISP(s) have to co-operate to put your two lines in
> bundle.
> If you are looking to double your UPLOAD speed, than it can be done at
> routing level provided you ISP(s) don't block traffic sourcing from an
> address different from the one your line got at dial-up (which is seldom
> the
> case).

Sorry for my poor English.

The situation is I totally have 4 adsl lines and 16+ machines, and my ISP
can detect my lan machines(using something like this
http://www.sflow.org/detectNAT/, my ISP specifys one adsl only allow be
shared by no more than 4 machines). So I have to use 4 adsl lines(one adsl
for 4 machines), and 4 adsl modems and 4 routers. There are too many devices
and network cable,so I try to use usb adsl modem to replace they(modems and
routers).And I want to use one machine to dail-up all the adsl connnections
with usb modems. Is there a possible way to do that?

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