This mail recaps what I learned and what changed regarding issue tracking since 
I reported this issue.

Thanks to Robert Brockway and Martin Michlmayr, I confirmed that SPI does have 
an issue tracking system. Thanks to Dr. Michlmayr, this system is now 
documented on http://spi-inc.org/corporate/rt/

This system has 2 major issues: it cannot be used to report any issue, and 
cannot be used to report an issue publically. Pending resolution of these, I 
created an unofficial general-purpose tracker available at 

Since I reported issue #0, one of my projects started using Redmine. I did not 
use it much and left that project several months ago, so I cannot recommend it 
with all my weight, but my memory indicates a good impression. Redmine is 
implemented in Ruby and a recent version is distributed in the stable and 
unstable suites of our associated project Debian (though not in testing, due to 
a serious bug reported 2017-11-14). I have [virtually] no experience with the 
Request Tracker engine currently used by SPI, so I cannot say that Redmine is 
superior to RT, but before deciding to use RT to power a general-purpose ITS, I 
suggest to make a decent comparison of both.

On 2016-07-30 10:55, Filipus Klutiero wrote:

According to Joshua D. Drake, SPI has an issue tracking system for 
reimbursements, but not for other issues (see 
http://lists.spi-inc.org/pipermail/spi-general/2016-July/003466.html ). If 
there is already a genera-purpose ITS, this is indeed far from obvious.

Therefore, in the absence of such a tracker, I am using this email to 
officially request SPI to put in place an issue tracker for all issues, or for 
issues which are not already covered by a dedicated tracker.

Unfortunately, the one ITS engine I liked using is Atlassian JIRA, which is not 
free software. I have been unsatisfied with all open source engines I used. I 
have no strong opinion on which engine should be picked. Obviously, having a 
web interface would be extremely important, particularly one which is not 
read-only, though email notifications are very useful.
Filipus Klutiero

Filipus Klutiero

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