Some of you may recall discussing this in SPRING a few meetings ago.

It is an overview of how a number of networking building blocks fit together to
provide interconnection of SR domains.

There is no new technology defined in the document: just a high-level view of
how mechanisms defined in other documents may be combined. Hence, it is an
informational document.

Something we need to add, I think is a description of how SR-MPLS-over-UDP (per
draft-xu-mpls-sr-over-ip) fits in.

We would (of course) welcome thoughts on:
- what is not clear
- what we have missed
- what is OTT to include

Probably we would also like to hear whether there is any value in this document.


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>         Title           : Interconnection of Segment Routing Domains - Problem
> Statement and Solution Landscape
>         Authors         : Adrian Farrel
>                           John Drake
>       Filename        : draft-farrel-spring-sr-domain-interconnect-04.txt
>       Pages           : 35
>       Date            : 2018-06-13
> Abstract:
>    Segment Routing (SR) is a forwarding paradigm for use in MPLS and
>    IPv6 networks.  It is intended to be deployed in discrete domains
>    that may be data centers, access networks, or other networks that are
>    under the control of a single operator and that can easily be
>    upgraded to support this new technology.
>    Traffic originating in one SR domain often terminates in another SR
>    domain, but must transit a backbone network that provides
>    interconnection between those domains.
>    This document describes a mechanism for providing connectivity
>    between SR domains to enable end-to-end or domain-to-domain traffic
>    engineering.
>    The approach described allows connectivity between SR domains,
>    utilizes traffic engineering mechanisms (RSVP-TE or Segment Routing)
>    across the backbone network, makes heavy use of pre-existing
>    technologies, and requires the specification of very few additional
>    mechanisms.
>    This document provides some background and a problem statement,
>    explains the solution mechanism, gives references to other documents
>    that define protocol mechanisms, and provides examples.  It does not
>    define any new protocol mechanisms.
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> interconnect-04
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