There is no good or bad answer to this question. It's more a question of
circumstance and what works for your company. 

                Would this be a competitive bid project or private

                                If Competitive bid, is project management a
spec requirement?


For me, there was always a "factor" determined by the type of project,, retail store, warehouse and so on. I even have a factor for the
individual GC.

Of course that factor came from hard earned experience. I'm not sure if that
was your question or not. but I hope it spurs some discussion.


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Job costed or Overhead? What's your preference?


If it's Job Costed, what do you base your estimate for project management
on? Percentage of job value? Design labor? Field Labor?


I'm pretty anal retentive when it comes to estimating real costs on a
project. I find it makes for easier PM during the course of a job.


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