I believe NFPA-13 changed to 200-degree attic heads because the response time 
between 165 and 200 was very small and there have been more than a few 
sprinklers in attics that have activated with and without vents. Sprinkler 
heads that activate when there is no fire hurts all of us.

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We had this issue in AZ with the interstitial sprinklers.  They were only rated 
at 175F.  That is a problem in Arizona attics.  They have now come out with 
200F sprinklers.  I questioned one of the manufacturers at one time and they 
referred me back to the chart in NFPA 13 that says you must use intermediate 
temp and they said that the 175 was fine.  However, there was little response 
when I said the 50F above ambient temp.  Attics in AZ get above 125F without 
much trouble.

So, to your question, I believe there were some stories of activations due to 
excess temps.  Depending on your location and temperatures, it may not be as 
much of an issue.

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Glass bulb or fusible link?
I’ve documented 155°F and 165°F sprinklers operating in attics, but I don’t 
think I’ve seen a 175°F.
I’ve also documented fusible link, ordinary temperature-rated sprinklers 
operating in unconditioned attics.
I’m aware that not all attic sprinkler op’s are reported or documented though.


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Has anyone know of any issues with 175 degree sprinklers in an unheated attic 
space instead of 200 degree?

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