Regardless of the trailers, do I need to provide .6/2000 for the racks? If
so, do I need to do that for the entire 5,000 sqft area? Seems excessive.

John Irwin

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I tend to agree – trailers potentially shielding fire load within from
sprinklers above (5.4.2).


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Wouldn’t the trailer storage bring it up to EH2?

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On May 17, 2018 at 9:47 AM, <John Irwin <>> wrote:

Here’s the situation … I have a 5,000 sqft, (currently) ordinary hazard
mixed use space. The new tenant intends to store two emergency disaster
management trailers in this space. However, along two walls, they want to
put a 3-teir rack with storage up to 20’ in height. TOS in the center of
the unit is 23-9.

The racks will contain a mix of group A plastic, emergency supplies in
plastic totes, with lids, on non-combustible pallets.

Do I really have to upgrade this entire space from OH II to .6/2000?

Do I tell them they should just not store over 12’?

John Irwin

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