´╗┐For those that are interested, the AFSA website has some great information for 
the sprinkler contractors and industry regarding the COVID - 19 issue.   The 
AFSA position is the fire sprinkler industry should be classified as a critical 
industry under "shelter-in-place" and similar orders.  Our hope is that all are 
practicing safe techniques.  AFSA is here to assist our members wherever 

Take care!

John August Denhardt, PE
Vice President, Engineering and Technical Services
American Fire Sprinkler Association
m: p:   301-343-1457
214-349-5965 ext 121
w:      firesprinkler.org  

Call to Action! Urge your elected officials to include fire protection as 
"critical infrastructure industry" under "shelter in place" orders.  All AFSA 
members are asked to forward state specific letters to your government contacts 
and post to social media and quickly spread the message. CLICK HERE to find 
letter templates and contacts.

AFSA is here to support you!
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