* John Wickliffe <john.wickli...@gmail.com> [17-08/08=Tu 12:25 -0700]:
>>> I am a Perl programmer and member of TAPCUG in Tacoma.
>>> I reach classes at the Beginners OS SIG [...]

* C.J. Collier <c...@colliertech.org> [17-08/08=Tu 12:33 -0700]:
>> [...] I assume you meant to say "teach" and not "reach", no?

* Cmdr Spock <sp...@starfleet.gov> [Stardate 5832.3]:
> You know I reach you.  I believe in what you seek.

                 Will Mengarini  <sel...@eskimo.com>
         Free software: the Source will be with you, always.
                perl -le"print unpack '%C*',MENGARINI"
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