On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 11:07:49 AM UTC-5, Mike Bayer wrote:
> You test for NULL with == None.  I have no idea what your issue is can you 
> please share complete mappings, complete stack trace and a reproducible 
> example?  Thanks

This definitely needs a reproduction testcase to find the correct error as 
Mike noted, but if you're stuck in a bind for a temporary fix you can try:


using `.op()` has gotten me out of a lot of problems.

you should also check the sql emitted, because you may need to 
'.self_group()' the or_ elements. 

    or_(User.flag == None, User.flag != "dnd").self_group()

i haven't been able to create a reliable test case for the above, but there 
are a handful of times in postgres queries where my or's haven't been 
grouped as expected, leading to a bad query.  i check everything now.


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