SQLite version 3.15.0 is now available on the SQLite website:


SQLite version 3.15.0 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release. The key 
feature in this release is the added support for row values. 
(https://www.sqlite.org/rowvalue.html).  There are also other enhancements and 
fixes for a number of obscure bugs. See 
https://www.sqlite.org/reeaselog/3_15_0.html for details.

The 3.15.0 release uses about 7% fewer CPU cycles than 3.14.2. Most of the 
improvement in this release is in the SQL parser, query planner, and byte-code 
generator (the front-end) corresponding to the sqlite3_prepare_v2() interface. 
Overall, version 3.15.0 uses about half as much CPU time as version 3.8.1 
(2013-10-17). These performance measurements are made using the "speedtest1.c" 
workload on x64 compiled with gcc and -Os. Performance improvements may vary 
with different platforms and workloads.

If you find problems, please send email to sqlite-us...@mailinglists.sqlite.org 
or directly to me.  Thanks.

D. Richard Hipp

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