After an upgrade from sqlite 3.2.2 to 3.2.5, i got problems
with strange SQLITE_MISUSE returns.
After a little investigation, i found it was the
--enable-threadsafe option correction in Check-In 2623.

It seems SQLite, in os_unix.c sqlite3OsLock with the
SQLITE_UNIX_THREADSAFE flag (corrected), force a 
connection to be always used by the same thread.
The SET_THREADID is only done during an 'open'.

My code is sharing a pool of SQLite connections on
multiple databases between a bunch of treatment
Each thread pops a connection from the pool safely
and push it back once finished.

So i get a SQLITE_MISUSE return from sqlite3OsLock
when a second thread try to use safely an unused

Here is a possible way for the enhancement:

- a "release" function called at the end
of treatment to set the SQLite OsFile->tid to 0.

- Atomically, a thread try to 'CHECK_THREADID' in
sqlite3OsLock and if the OsFile->tid eq 0,
just call SET_THREADID.

Guillaume FOUGNIES
Eulerian Technologies

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