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> 1. Can I call sqlite3_open more than one times before calling sqlite3_close
> and sqlite3_free?

Call sqlite3_open() for each database you want to open.  You can have any 
number of databases open at the same time.  Call sqlite3_close() for each 
database you have open when you no longer need it.  After closing the last 
connection call sqlite3_shutdown() as described in


(The above ignores use of SQL's ATTACH command.)

You are not expected to ever call sqlite3_free() unless you are using SQLite to 
do other memory-handing tasks for you.  Most people who use SQLite never call 

> 2. If the above mentioned devices change to mutli-thread setting but no
> thread safe functions such as mutex, is this setting still fine?

You have explicitly declared SQLITE_THREADSAFE=0 .  That means you will arrange 
that only one thread will be doing SQLite calls at once.  As long as you can 
ensure this, SQLite will function correctly.

>     If not, how can I make it thread safe with lack of mutex support in
> the system?

Do any of the following:

A) Implement your own mutex system.

B) Use SQLite’s mutex system ( <https://sqlite.org/c3ref/mutex_alloc.html> )

C) Supply the value SQLITE_OPEN_FULLMUTEX when you open connections using 
sqlite3_open_v2(), as described in <https://sqlite.org/c3ref/open.html> .

Please note that the above is a top-of-the-head answer and I have not 
personally tries each of the options to make sure it works.

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