> On Sep 7, 2017, at 11:55 AM, Igor Tandetnik <i...@tandetnik.org> wrote:
> It might be difficult to keep the private key secret. A technician that has 
> direct access to SQLite database file probably also has access to the binary 
> used to manipulate it; and that binary would need the private key lying 
> around someplace accessible.

Right, the private key couldn't be embedded in the code. There are a lot of 
other ways to manage access to private keys. But the details depend on the OP's 
situation, so I won't speculate further without more details.

I do think the problem is unsolvable without some kind of secret, whether it's 
known only to the party who's writing to the DB, or to another party who 
certifies the current contents of the DB.

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