Could you change/fix a bit strange behaviour mentioned in
https://www.mail-archive.com/sqlite-users@mailinglists.sqlite.org/msg97013.html? Fixing it for every released version of SQLite is a bit tormenting:

1. SELECT CAST('9000000000000000001' AS NUMERIC);
2. SELECT CAST('9000000000000000001 ' AS NUMERIC);

(The second text has a trailing space)

Ad. 1. A reasonable behaviour, however inconsistent with the doc (lang_expr.html), which states that ``Casting a TEXT or BLOB value into NUMERIC first does a forced conversion into REAL but then further converts the result into INTEGER''. If it was converted to REAL it would lose the final ``1''.

Ad. 2. There is no need to waste the final ``1'', which produces an inconsistency with pt. 1. For the sake of sanity it should not be kept, though it is consistent with the doc (IMHO the doc/specification should be changed).

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Cezary H. Noweta
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