I have a file named SQLite3.dll, but I don't know which sqlite version it is. 
Any help on how to finding that out?TIA
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------ Original message------From: Jens AlfkeDate: Mon, Sep 11, 2017 7:05 PMTo: 
SQLite mailing list;Subject:[sqlite] Table-valued function crashing in SQLite 
We have a virtual table serving as a table-valued function, which has worked 
fine up through SQLite 3.19, but now in 3.20.1 is crashing whenever it’s used. 
I know there were changes in 3.20 relating to native functions taking pointers, 
but this doesn’t seem to be related to that. Were there any other 
possibly-breaking changes to the way virtual tables work? I didn’t see any in 
the release notes.As virtual tables go it’s pretty simple. It was shamelessly 
copied from the json_each implementation in json1.c, then adapted from there, 
and it’s still quite similar (it’s just that the data collection it’s iterating 
over is not in JSON format.)What I’m seeing is that our fl_each's  xConnect and 
xBestIndex are called at compile/prepare time, then xOpen is called during the 
first call to sqlite3_step, and immediately after that comes a crash in 
sqlite3VdbeCursorMoveto() because the passed-in VdbeCursor is NULL. (Actually 
pp is a valid pointer, but *pp is NULL.) This is right at the start of handling 
the next opcode, Column.Top of the backtrace is:* thread #1, queue = 
'com.apple.main-thread', stop reason = EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x0)    
frame #0: sqlite3VdbeCursorMoveto(pp=0x00007ffeefbfb028, 
piCol=0x00007ffeefbfb034) at sqlite3.c:75132  * frame #1: 
sqlite3VdbeExec(p=0x0000000101171680) at sqlite3.c:81369    frame #2: 
sqlite3Step(p=0x0000000101171680) at sqlite3.c:77352    frame #3: 
sqlite3_step(pStmt=0x0000000101171680) at sqlite3.c:77416The SQL query looks 
like:SELECT sequence, key, version, flags FROM kv_default WHERE (EXISTS (SELECT 
1 FROM fl_each(body, 'likes') AS _like WHERE _like.value = 'climbing’))EXPLAIN 
returns:0Init024000Start at 241Integer02000r[2]=0; Init EXISTS 
result2Integer13000r[3]=1; LIMIT 
counter3VOpen100vtab:10116FC00004Column04600r[6]=kv_default.body<==CRASH AT 
 zplan=''9VColumn11800r[8]=vcolumn(1); fl_each.value10Ne9138(BINARY)51if 
r[8]!=r[9] goto 1311Integer12000r[2]=112DecrJumpZero314000if (--r[3])==0 goto 
1413VNext1900014IfNot22310015OpenRead040500root=4 iDb=0; 
 is on Mac OS; I’m on the current beta of 10.13, though that shouldn’t make a 
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