SQLite 3.19 doesn’t seem to coalesce identical calls to a deterministic 
function. For example, in this query, where `fl_value` is a function I’ve 

SELECT key FROM kv_default 
WHERE fl_value(body, 'contact.address.state') = 'CA'
   OR fl_value(body, 'contact.address.state') = 'WA'

fl_value gets called twice per row in the table, with the same inputs both 
times of course. As fl_value is not a cheap function — it’s similar to 
json_value — it would be a noticeable speedup if it were evaluated only once 
per row.

Is there a way I can restructure these (automatically generated) queries to do 
the refactoring explicitly? Sort of like assigning to a temporary variable in 
an imperative language? It looks like a WITH clause lets me do this 
syntactically, but I'm not sure if it'll make a difference at runtime.

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