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On 10/4/17, Jens Alfke <> wrote:
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>> The WHERE clause may not contain subqueries, references to other tables,
>> non-deterministic functions, or bound parameters. The LIKE, GLOB, MATCH,
>> and REGEXP operators in SQLite are implemented as functions by the same
>> name. Since functions are prohibited in the WHERE clause of a CREATE INDEX
>> statement, so too are the LIKE, GLOB, MATCH, and REGEXP operators.
> I believe the last sentence is false. The first sentence includes the
> qualifier “non-deterministic”, which was probably inserted when
> deterministic functions were introduced. But that invalidates the last
> sentence, since all the functions listed are deterministic.
> (If the last sentence is deleted, then of course the second sentence becomes
> pointless and should be deleted too.)
> —Jens
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