On Wed, Nov 8, 2017 at 7:45 AM, Dan Kennedy <danielk1...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 7 Nov 2017, at 6:53pm, David Raymond <david.raym...@tomtom.com> wrote:
>> I think pragma data_version is what you're looking for.
>>> http://www.sqlite.org/pragma.html#pragma_data_version
> I think it's the opposite. For connection A, the value of "PRAGMA
> data_version" does not change as a result of commits by connection A. It
> changes if the db is modified by any other connection, regardless of
> whether or not that other connection resides in a different process or not.
> "The integer values returned by two invocations of "PRAGMA data_version"
> from the same connection will be different if changes were committed to the
> database by any other connection in the interim. The "PRAGMA data_version"
> value is unchanged for commits made on the same database connection."

Hi Dan. So you confirm David's answer, provided OP also tracks change made
by the local connection, in addition to tracking pragma data_version?
I just want to make sure I understand your answer correctly. Thanks, --DD
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