I have been using SQLite without any programming language so far.  I
maintain the data in SQLite and use SqliteStudio (www.sqlitestudio.pl) for
inputting data into it and running queries to look at outputs.  However
SqliteStudio does not have a programmable back-end that allows me to take
the outputs of a query and do things with it (such as calculating running
sums and averages, for instance).  So, if things become too expensive for
standard SQL, I just do without.

    In the past, I have maintained my data in an Access database and
developed a pretty extensive set of forms and reports to input and extract
data.  I moved to SQLite because I wanted to move off a proprietary
platform onto a free one.  And SQLite is faster and includes more SQL
functionality like CTE's also.

    But I miss the nice front-end with forms to take inputs (especially
parent and child forms to input data related to foreign keys) and the
reports to format my outputs the way I wanted them.  I could also do
running sums and averages, percentile scores and other things that require
looking at a data dump of an entire columns of contents to do efficiently.

    I am familiar with programming in C and Java, but none of my
programming has been for the windows platform (except for the programming
inside MS Access, which was done in VBA).  I have never developed GUI front
ends with forms, buttons, etc.

    Is there a third party free tool like MS Access that would allow me to
connect to a SQLite db in the back-end and enable me to create a custom
front-end to it with forms and reports?  All my searches for this kind of
tool only lead me to tools like SqliteStudio, which is a GUI front end for
SQLite, but not a programmable one like I want.  If anyone can point me
towards a programmable GUI front-end development tool (preferrably
open-source, but just free and well-maintained is sufficient), I would
appreciate it greatly.

    Thank you very much.

Balaji Ramanathan
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