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>     Is there a third party free tool like MS Access that would allow me to
> connect to a SQLite db in the back-end and enable me to create a custom
> front-end to it with forms and reports?  All my searches for this kind of
> tool only lead me to tools like SqliteStudio, which is a GUI front end for
> SQLite, but not a programmable one like I want.  If anyone can point me
> towards a programmable GUI front-end development tool (preferrably
> open-source, but just free and well-maintained is sufficient), I would
> appreciate it greatly.

There is Xojo (www.xojo.com) which has SQLite built in and has reports (which I 
have never used). It's cross-platform and you create your own GUI front end 
with windows, buttons etc. It's free to use for development, but if you want to 
compile and build a stand-alone application (.exe or .app) then you buy a 
licence. There is a Lite licence to build for one platform which is not a high 

Cheers  --  Tim
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