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> I am leaning towards tcl/tk given the endorsement from both Peter and DRH. 
> So, I downloaded tcl/tk version 8.6.7 from magicsplat 
> (http://www.magicsplat.com/tcl-installer/index.html), and then ran tclsh.exe. 
>  In the resulting command window, I typed "sqlite3 db1 <path to my sqlite 
> database" as instructed on this page on the sqlite website: 
> https://sqlite.org/tclsqlite.html .  And all I got was "invalid command name 
> sqlite3".  So, I am stuck.  What did I do wrong?

    % package require sqlite3
    % sqlite3 db1 :memory:
> BTW, the www.tcl-lang.org website has been down for at least the past 3 days 
> it looks like.  Not sure how to interpret the reliability of a technology 
> whose home website is down for days at a time.

Try https://www.tcl.tk/ ? 

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