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> Subject: [sqlite] Best way to develop a GUI front-end
> Hi,
> I have been using SQLite without any programming language so far.  I
> maintain the data in ........
> ~
> ~
> ~
> Is there a third party free tool like MS Access that would allow me to
> connect to a SQLite db in the back-end and enable me to create a custom
> front-end to it with forms and reports?  All my searches for this kind of
>  tool only lead me to tools like SqliteStudio, which is a GUI front end
> for SQLite, but not a programmable one like I want.  If anyone can point
> me towards a programmable GUI front-end development tool (preferrably
> open-source, but just free and well-maintained is sufficient), I would
> appreciate it greatly.
> Thank you very much.
> Balaji Ramanathan


I have several times posted, indicating the release of my database GUI,
Ajqvue. It is a well maintained, mature open source project that was
started in 2005 then renamed in 2016, because of a cease-desist from

The project language is in Java and was started on Sourceforge and is
now hosted on GitHub.


Ajqvue is a framework that so happens to have as its main plugin a
database interface. The interface is more in line with a spreadsheet
application rather than a tree db/table selector display, with a manual
query entry form. The database interface is JDBC, which most of the
databases have available. For SQLite I have been using:


Ajqvue comes with several additional plugins for analysis, and plotting.
I believe the most versatile aspect of Ajqvue though is the ability
through the Query Bucket to save composed SQL queries. Those queries
can then be dragged/dropped into plugins to allow data processing.

A plugin of a custom form should be relatively easy to create if you
know Java. There is a tutorial available on the documentation page
of the site along with videos demonstrating the desktop application.
Once a plugin is created it can be sourced locally, LAN, or on the

If you do create a plugin GUI I recommend Swing over JavaFX. I have
had issues on various, Linux platforms with JavaFX and just switched
the charting plugin from JavaFX to JFreeChart.

Dana Proctor
Ajqvue Project Manager

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