On Tue Nov 28, 2017 at 10:34:03AM -0700, Keith Medcalf wrote:
> Datetime functions (that is, what constitutes "now") was, by default,
> step-stable.  The value is cached within the VDBE (statement object)
> on its first use per-step and retains the same value until the VDBE
> code yields a row.  Re-entry on the next step used to reset "now".
> This was changed to per-statement stability and not per-step
> stability, though exactly when this change occurred I do not recall
> exactly (I believe it was made a SLOCHNG function when indexes on
> functions were added).
> As I posted earlier you can patch the VDBE code to ensure that "now"
> is always statement stable rather than step stable by only resetting
> "now" on initial entry to the VDBE program (program counter == 0)
> rather than unconditionally.  Of course, the change that made "now"
> statement stable renders this patch moot.
> In no case is now "transaction stable" as the value of now is cached
> within the statement object (VDBE program) and not in the connection
> object.

Thanks, that is quite informative. My original observations
(transaction stable times) were wrong - I was looking at a bunch of
trigger actions and forgot they were all part of one statement.

My original comments/requests to the developers still apply though:

    - Can the documentation be updated to include something like
      Keith's description; and
    - Can we have some kind of control over whether 'now' is

Mark Lawrence
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