On 1 Dec 2017, at 1:50pm, Olivier Mascia <o...@integral.be> wrote:

> Could it be that it might need a DESC index?

SQLite should not be doing that.  It understands that an index can be used 
"backwards" if it needs to reverse the sort order.

> Could the "automatic index on ..." in the error log be slightly enhanced to 
> give precision on *why* it needs the automatic index?
> Is there any way I missed in the API to get a pointer to the statement which 
> is executing while any or all of the messages are emitted?

The pseudo table names it’s using — tal and mi — suggest that SQLite is 
creating its own temporary tables in order to execute your functions.  If it 
was indexing real tables of yours it would give the real tablenames.

It does seem that that you need more information than you are getting.  What is 
creating your SQLite log ?  Are you using sqlite3_set_authorizer() ?

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