> Le 1 déc. 2017 à 15:00, Clemens Ladisch <clem...@ladisch.de> a écrit :
> Olivier Mascia wrote:
>> 20171201 120319.404 284: automatic index on REMINDER(USER_LOGON)
>> Here is that part of the schema:
>> Could it be that it might need a DESC index?
> Probably not; the index direction usually does not matter.
> But are you using COLLATE NOCASE (or LIKE)?

COLLATE is used nowhere, but sure, LIKE is liked by some people here.  I'll 
have to check the code closer.

If I'm following you, if there are lookups on REMINDER(USER_LOGON) using LIKE 
it somehow implies some COLLATE NOCASE and so would like such an index?

If so, there is an opportunity for enhancement in the logging.

Something like:
automatic index on REMINDER(USER_LOGON collate nocase)

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