On 12/6/17, Alastair Growcott <agrowc...@h-scientific.co.uk> wrote:
> To avoid confusion I recommend that you remove the option to
> cross-compile

I'm cool with that approach.  Can you suggest a specific edit to the
configure.ac file that will accomplish what you describe?

> Also, I am not sure your suggestion of generating sqlite3.c natively and
> then cross-compiling it separately will work. The generated sqlite3.c
> has some platform dependent stuff (selective header inclusion as per
> above) in it.

The generated sqlite3.c file should be byte-for-byte identical on all
host platforms.  We test for that.  And we publish the SHA3 hash of
the generated sqlite3.c file in our release notes.  If you find a pair
of host platforms that build different "sqlite3.c" files from the same
sources, then that is a bug.  Please report it.

D. Richard Hipp
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