Cross-compiling sqlite3 fails due to the use of binaries in the build process that are generated during the build process. Specifically:


The configure script explicitly offers the "--host=" option to allow cross-compiling. If cross-compiling is not supported then this option should be removed, and ideally replace with a short paragraph of text explaining this explicitly.

An alternative is to add steps to the build instructions explaining that you need to build these binaries natively first and then put them in the correct location - however they will probably still get over-written by cross-compiled versions when the cross-compile build starts so there may need to be additional changes made.

In addition, when cross-compiling for Windows with the MinGW toolchain, the code looks for the file "sys/ioctl.h" which doesn't exist for Windows/MinGW systems. It looks like SQLITE_OS_UNIX is being incorrectly defined. It doesn't look like a difficult problem to solve and if I get a reply I will be happy to share any solution I find.


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