On 2017/12/06 6:35 PM, Christian Schmitz wrote:
Actually, the left outer join is sufficient to execute all the outer
join operators:
- right outer join: just swap the "from" arguments

- full outer joins: union of left and right outer joins
Couldn’t SQLite implement that and do the swap for us?
As well as the union thing?

You mean make SQLite less Lite, but with Zero computational advantage, by simply adding syntactic sugar bloat? - I'm going to have to vote No on that. (Luckily my vote counts extremely little.)

I think the reason SQLite never implemented it is precisely because of the fact that it simply amounts to syntactic specialization and no real computational advantage. That said, I'm not against adding those joins, just perhaps implemented in a most-efficient way rather than a simple transcription of my lazy-code. (Unless of course that ends up being the most efficient way to do it.)

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