Nick wrote:
> Or in another word, if a TEXT column has similar meaning with an INTEGER
> column in my applications,(such as use userID instead of userName, still the
> way that the data works in my head:) ) is it recommended to use INTEGER one
> in order to get a less index pages?

Yes; an index on a smaller column needs less space, so it's faster to load
from disk.

But you should always measure how much difference it actually makes.

>> For instance, once SQLite has found the right entry in the index it might
>> need to look up that entry in the table to retrieve values which are not
>> in the index.
> I understand the execution process you said. And in my opinion, sqlite
> should fetch pages when looking up the entry both in the index and then in
> the table. But I only found pages with '0x0A' and '0x02' when
> getPageNormal() is called during the time running select SQL. Could you give
> me any advises to find the code when sqlite fetching the '0x0D' pages?

For count(*), the database does not need the actual table rows.
You'd have to run a query that reads some other column:

  SELECT sum(a) FROM t2 WHERE d = xx;

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