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> The latest change summary can be seen at
> https://www.sqlite.org/draft/releaselog/3_22_0.html and the draft

In <https://www.sqlite.org/draft/cli.html#expert> …

For "clobbering" use "overwriting", if only for the sake of international 

"If this option is pass a non-zero argument" should probably be "passed".

I think you can come up with a more appropriate name than "expert".  How about 
"cleverindex" or "indexwizard" or something.

If this is easy to do, then for the .expert command and, by extension, the 
external function …

Please allow an option "—ignoreexisting" for the .expert command.  This option 
makes SQLite ignore any existing indexes except for the ones which implement 
primary keys.

For extra points, with this option selected, in the output section, it includes 
DROP INDEX commands for the indexes it ignored before the CREATE INDEX command 
it prefers.

For an additional bonus point, with this option selected, the command should 
recognise when the new index it recommended is the same as one of the existing 
indexes it ignored, and do the "no new indexes" thing.

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