On 1/9/18, E.Pasma <pasm...@concepts.nl> wrote:
> Dear SQLite developers and eventual PowerPC users,
> using a likely outdated compiler:
>       powerpc-apple-darwin9-gcc-4.0.1
> a compile error occors:
>       shell.c:10062: error: conflicting types for ‘integerValue’
>       shell.c:9169: error: previous implicit declaration of ‘integerValue’

This seems like a compiler bug.  But it is easy enough to work around,
and that is what I have done.  Please verify that the latest trunk
code (or the latest "prerelease-snapshot") is now working for you on
your old PowerPC system.  Thanks!

This is the kind of thing is very important.  We SQLite developers can
test as much as we want to, but we will never find strange
interactions with old compilers that we don't own.  This is exactly
the kind of thing we need your help with.  Thanks for all your

D. Richard Hipp
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