That was more-or-less my thinking.

Mostly, my inquiry is to solicit any advice or wisdom-of-the-ages, or even
advice against it.  After having sent that, I suspect that this would more
likely wind up being something I'm on my own in doing the hands-on work, but
I still welcome any advice on how to approach the surgery.


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> > I wonder if I can really strip it down
> > further by eliminating parsing, query planning, etc, 
> altogether, and only
> > support the virtual machine.
> I wonder what you would find if you looked through the data 
> structure of sqlite3_stmt.  Presumably the compilation 
> process would convert the SQL text into bytecode and the 
> bytecode would be stored in the statement.
> Once you have seen the bytecode from your desired SQL, it 
> might be possible to write a C function which accepts a 
> pointer and a length and creates a statement with a copy of 
> that chunk of memory as the bytecode and everything else set 
> up the way it is in a newly-created statement.
> Or something like that.
> Simon.
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