There have been some inquries on the list into executing pre-generated 
bytecode. If you have a fixed schema you may be able to create a valid 
sqlite3_stmt pointer from bytecode stored somewhere.

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Betreff: [EXTERNAL] [sqlite] kooky thought: a vm-only build (for embedded). 

I had a stray thought, and wanted to ask if it's been thunk before,and if so 
what is the thinking?  Or just for commentary.

I have been building a system, part of which uses sqlite and virtual tables.
This is working great in a desktop/mobile environment.  However, eventually one 
day, I will want to migrate aspects of the product to deeply embedded systems 
(e.g. something like an STM32F4 class chip), and am thinking about size -- both 
code and RAM.  I know about the various compile switches that can turn off 
various features, but I wonder if I can really strip it down further by 
eliminating parsing, query planning, etc, altogether, and only support the 
virtual machine.  I do need virtual tables, though.  In my particular use-case, 
I only need read access -- no create or update.  The thinking being that I can 
build queries offline and compile them into the p-code (or whatever it's 
called), and either burn those well know queries into flash, or perhaps send 
them down the wire as needed.  Then of course (maybe even more critically), can 
I control ram usage in a deterministic way such that it will still work on 
memory-constrained devices (e.g. having a total of 128 KiB max for the whole 

Anway, has this been discussed before?  Or is it a fool's errand?


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