> Le 8 mai 2018 à 11:45, John Long <codeb...@inbox.lv> a écrit :
> So I guess it is up to all the list owners to obfuscate posters' email
> addresses appropriately? Why aren't people doing a better job of this?

That is not very practical : it would cut people from the comfort to be able to 
address personal replies where appropriate.  And it wouldn't fix all the 
addresses already captured through various public list mirrors not necessarily 
managed by the sqlite-users people. Fixing that now, is kind of too late.

Unless you have a list processor able to receive messages to those obfuscated 
addresses it would have inserted, filter those message content (or filter by 
any other appropriate means like IPs black-hole) and if deemed appropriate 
forward them to the actual list member.

Though, it would imply for the list processor to maybe receive and filter out 
thousands of messages not addressed to the list but to one of the subscriber's 
obfuscated email address and might imply significant processing resources.  And 
yet that still wouldn't fix previously captured posters email addresses.

I still prefer a mailing-list to a forum, with appropriate spam filtering on my 
email services, which you can't really live without today, there is not much 
annoyance and it makes for an easier workflow than to subscribe and visit tens 
of forums.

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Olivier Mascia

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