Thank you for the bug report.  Should now be fixed on trunk.

On 5/10/18, Aaron Zeng <> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> The documentation
> <> for
> the .sha3sum CLI command indicates that the default variety of SHA-3 used
> is SHA-256, but (at least on 3.19.3) when the command is run without
> options, I get a 56-hex digit output, indicating SHA3-224.  SHA3-256 would
> produce a 64-hex digit output.  I suppose this could be a bug in the CLI
> rather than documentation.
> Also, there is a minor typo in the options help for .sha3sum that is shown
> when an unrecognized option is passed:
>> .sha3sum -h
> Unknown option "-h" on "sha3sum"
> Should be one of: --schema --sha3-224 --sha3-255 --sha3-384 --sha3-512
> "sha3-255" should be "sha3-256".  The command recognizes the latter but not
> the former.
> Best,
> Aaron
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