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> More importantly, it uses DDR4 memory which I think means there
> are 4 channels to memory which can be used in parallel -- perhaps not on
> exactly the same address but the memory is spread among 16 DIMMs.

Suppose your different threads are reading different rows of the database, a 
long way away from one-another.  But to find out where those rows are in memory 
they need to consult an index.  And the index fits in a single page of memory, 
so they all have to read data from the same page of memory.

There isn't any locking in SQLite that was put in just to annoy users.  If 
you've followed section 2.2.1, 5 and 6 of


you're seeing the best SQLite can do.  But since you're obviously unhappy with 
what you're seeing try setting all your PRAGMAs and other settings the other 
way, one by one, and see if you see any difference.

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