On Thu, 5 Jul 2018 at 16:45, Simon Slavin <slav...@bigfraud.org> wrote:

> On 5 Jul 2018, at 7:30am, Clemens Ladisch <clem...@ladisch.de> wrote:
> > The expression "x = x" will fail for NULL, but succeed for everything
> > else.  So you can use that to implement a "not-NULL ELSE"
> Wow.  That has to be the most counter-intuitive feature of SQLite.  I
> understand why it works, but I still don't like it.  Thanks for posting it.
> Hmm.  Yes, "x != x" works too.  I forgot to check "x IS NOT x".

I've always thought of that as an SQL thing rather than an SQLite thing,
because SQL Server and PostgreSQL and MySQL all do the same (or at least so
I'm lead to believe in the last two cases).
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