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>>> The expression "x = x" will fail for NULL, but succeed for
>>> everything else.  So you can use that to implement a 
>>> "not-NULL ELSE"

>> Wow.  That has to be the most counter-intuitive feature of SQLite.

>> I understand why it works, but I still don't like it.  Thanks for
>> posting it.

>> Hmm.  Yes, "x != x" works too.  I forgot to check "x IS NOT x".

> I've always thought of that as an SQL thing rather than an SQLite
> thing, because SQL Server and PostgreSQL and MySQL all do the same 
> (or at least so I'm lead to believe in the last two cases).

It is a mathematics thing.  The NULL value works like that everywhere.  Unless 
the coder/programmer made a boo-boo.

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