Hello. I am a newcommer to programming tools like GIT and everything. I
have programming skills but i don't know how mailing lists works. I want to
submit my own quesion.

Is this being read by all members? Please, if someone read this, send a
reply to me.

Also, i want to have see portfolio of members, because i am a programmer
but i remain theorical and don't build serious software. Just to enjoy
software. I am from Venezuela, and my country is spanish speaker.

My question is: I am want just to see portfolio of members, Just I want to
see what is able to do SQLite. Pèrsonally I have used it in my custom
software due to easy to set up without dealing with a mess like mysql that
requires you to connect to a server-based software. Also, I plan to learn
how to read its source code.

Give me please a summary of your software which uses SQLite. Some nice
videos, releases (demos or paid software), websites or any kind of content
of your ownership is welcomed.

Thanks, Enrique
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