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As far as the list goes, only admin can see the whole list of who's subscribed. 
Otherwise you can only see who posts messages. An example as to why is that 
just recently we had an issue of a spam bot sending junk to anyone who posted 
to the list. If it had been able to get the list of everyone then it would have 
been way worse.

Other notes for a newcomer to the list is that it is text only, and doesn't 
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The Well-Known Users page ( lists a sample 
of companies that use SQLite. The short, short version is: It's everywhere and 
in everything.

But there are also plenty of individual users who use it for their own one-offs 
and small personal projects. And this list will happily answer newbie questions 
as well as advanced specific questions. (We just won't do your homework for you)


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Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2018 11:27 AM
Subject: [sqlite] First question. Learning to use mailing lists

Hello. I am a newcommer to programming tools like GIT and everything. I
have programming skills but i don't know how mailing lists works. I want to
submit my own quesion.

Is this being read by all members? Please, if someone read this, send a
reply to me.

Also, i want to have see portfolio of members, because i am a programmer
but i remain theorical and don't build serious software. Just to enjoy
software. I am from Venezuela, and my country is spanish speaker.

My question is: I am want just to see portfolio of members, Just I want to
see what is able to do SQLite. Pèrsonally I have used it in my custom
software due to easy to set up without dealing with a mess like mysql that
requires you to connect to a server-based software. Also, I plan to learn
how to read its source code.

Give me please a summary of your software which uses SQLite. Some nice
videos, releases (demos or paid software), websites or any kind of content
of your ownership is welcomed.

Thanks, Enrique
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