A note and a question on subqueries. On reading:

(select b from t where a == new.a and idate < new.idate order by idate desc) as 

My brain started yelling that that needed a "limit 1" on the subquery so that 
it would only return 1 row.

I looked in the SQLite docs though and it seems like I'm wrong.
"The value of a subquery expression is the first row of the result from the 
enclosed SELECT statement."

Then to make sure my brain was remembering correctly I checked Postgres and 
found this.
"It is an error to use a query that returns more than one row or more than one 
column as a scalar subquery."

So my questions then are:

How is that handled by other databases?

Is that something worthy of being on the quirks page 
(https://www.sqlite.org/quirks.html), or is it just in the realm of non-quirky 
normal-level differences?

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